In Memory

Ann Hite (Burgess)

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08/22/13 06:55 PM #1    

Sally Suhm (Rodgers)

Sometimes a pitcher is just a thing that holds whatever we pour into it. The gilt edged green and white pitcher that sat in an honored place in my mother's house and now sits in an honored place in mine, holds so much more. Whenever I look at it or hold it, I hear memory's stories of two good friends, my mother and Ann Hite's mother retold again. Written on the bottom of it, in my mother's hand is this: "Found in the trash near Hite's ranch in Taos. 1937."

Their daughters, Ann and I, played there before we could talk. We did not create our own memories until high school, but as often happens after graduation, we lost our connection.

In 2001 Ann saw mother's obituary in the paper and came to her service. We told each other the old stories again. We promised it would not be the last time we saw each other. She would come to Santa Fe. Together we would go to Taos. Neither of us squeaked our wheels enough and once more we lost touch. When I tried to find her again, I found instead her 2009 obituary. We miss you Ann.

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